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7. Troubleshooting

Since you're reading this, something must not have gone the way you had hoped (or else you just really enjoy reading).

Below are listed some common problems that may occur during configuration and some hints for solving them. However, there are just too many different combinations of hardware and software configurations, and, well, just too many things that can go wrong, for this document and the tools it documents, to cover every case.

If after trying the steps in the previous sections and checking the hints in this section, you still are unable to get your system working, you'll have to read the full documentation. Read the README file for your card and OS (if they exist), the XFree86 Configuration Guide (README.Config), and the XF86Config man page.

You should also look at the XFree86 FAQ for more up-to-date information, especially if you are trying to configure a fairly new card.

If all else fails, you can try posting a message to comp.windows.x.i386unix or comp.os.linux.x or send email to XFree86@XFree86.org.

7.1. The mouse doesn't move correctly, it stays in one area of the screen

You've selected the wrong protocol for your mouse. Try a different one.

7.2. The server doesn't start, it says the mouse is busy.

Well, it's probably right. This most often happens on Linux systems that have gpm running. Kill the gpm process and try startx again.

7.3. The middle button doesn't work.

There's no easy answer to this one. It's a lot of trial and error. You need to make sure you're running the right protocol for your mouse.

Many three button mice are "dual protocol" which means that they have both a 2-button and 3-button mode. The way to get the mouse to switch into 3-button mode (which usually then uses MouseSystems protocol) varies between different models.

You may need to slide a switch on the mouse or hold down the middle button when starting the server. Other methods of switching modes can be done by the server, you just have to find the right combination of settings for your mouse. See the Pointer section of the XF86Config man page for a complete list of settings.

7.4. The display is shifted to the left/right/top/bottom

See the section on xvidtune.

7.5. I don't appear to have xf86config or xvidtune on my system

Hmmm. A couple of possibilities:

  1. Your PATH is not set correctly. Make sure it includes the bin directory for the XFree86 binaries (usually, /usr/X11R6/bin
  2. You don't have a complete installation of XFree86. Go back to wherever you got XFree86 and get the missing pieces.

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Quick-Start Guide to XFree86 Setup : Troubleshooting
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