Quick-Start Guide to XFree86 Setup

Joe Moss

27 February 1998

Current releases of XFree86 include several tools that can help to automate the process of server configuration. Much of the existing documentation, however, describes how to do the job manually, including many technical details. For those users with esoteric hardware or with the desire to get their hands dirty under the hood, this is great, but many users are using common hardware and just want to get X up and running quickly. This guide is for them.

1. Before You Start

2. What to Do - An Overview

3. Using XF86Setup

3.1. Initial questions
3.2. Configuration areas
3.3. Back to text mode
3.4. The second server
3.5. Ending text

4. Running xf86config

4.1. The intro screen
4.2. Getting your PATH right
4.3. Mouse setup
4.4. Keyboard setup
4.5. Monitor setup
4.6. Selecting your card
4.7. Server selection
4.8. Screen/Video configuration
4.9. Mode Selection
4.10. Creating the XF86Config file
4.11. Some final notes

5. Fixing the XF86Config file

6. Running xvidtune

7. Troubleshooting

7.1. The mouse doesn't move correctly, it stays in one area of the screen
7.2. The server doesn't start, it says the mouse is busy.
7.3. The middle button doesn't work.
7.4. The display is shifted to the left/right/top/bottom
7.5. I don't appear to have xf86config or xvidtune on my system