XFree86 Release 4.5.0

XFree86 version 4.5.0 was released on 16 March 2005 and all of its documentation (man pages, release notes, etc.) can be found here.

Before Downloading

We highly recommend that you read the following three (3) pages be read before downloading this release:

which gives a general overview, our licensing requirements, developer information and web location to download the source tarballs and patches;
Release Notes
for a summary of what this particular release contains;
Installation Notes
for information about what files to download for binary distributions, and how to install them for your particular environment.

Getting 4.5.0

Once you have read the above documentation, binaries for XFree86 4.5.0 can be found on our ftp and http servers. For those who also desire the 4.5.0 source and source patches, they can be downloaded from our ftp server here.

Alternatively, the 4.5.0 source code can be obtained directly from our public CVS server under the release tag xf-4_5_0. Post-release fixes, those patches that were applied too late to be included in the 4.5.0. release, are on the branch called xf-4_5-branch.

Building XFree86 4.5.0 From Source

If instead you want to build XFree86 4.5.0 from source, instructions on how are in the Build document.

Previous Releases

If you are looking for an older release, then go to downloads page.

Next Release

If you are instead looking for when the next release is due? Then, see our release plans page.

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