XFree86 Release 4.3.0.

The current XFree86 release is available here. This page is about our 4.3.0 release, which is several releases older.

Post-Release Information

Updates about the status of the 4.3.0 release can be found on the post-4.3.0 page. It mainly has information about what further binary distributions that were made available in the days following the actual release date.

Before Downloading

The following three (3) pages should be read before downloading this release:

for a general overview, and information about downloading the source tarballs and patches;
HTML Release Notes
for a summary of what this release contains;
Installation Notes
for information about what files to download for binary distributions, and how to install them.

Getting 4.3.0 and further fixes

The 4.3.0 source code can also be obtained directly from our public CVS server. The tag for this release is xf-4_3_0. Post-release fixes may be found on the branch called xf-4_3-branch.

4.3.0-based Snapshots

The latest post-release 4.3.0-based snapshots can be found at our ftp server. Two snapshots are available:

Building XFree86 4.3.0 From Source

How to build XFree86 4.3.0 from source can be found in the 4.3.0 Build document.

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Last Modified: 13 August 2003