XFree86 3.3.6

The Last of an Series


As of 2002 February, XFree86 3.3.6 is no longer officially supported by the Project and so there will neither be any future updates nor fixes, including security, to this version.

Because of 3.3.x retirement status, all bug reports and support questions related to this series will be ignored.

For the History Buffs

3.3.6 was Released January 2000

3.36 was the last full release before the Project switched over to our modular hardware design, which is the foundation of the 4.x series.

What About Hardware Not Supported by XFree86 4.x?

Even though there may be no explicit mention of your hardware configuration in the 4.x series we recommend that you still try it , as many older cards have since been supported since the original release notes were published and have been tested


This is because of the highly extensible and modular design of the 4.x series and in particular the inclusion of the "VESA" driver, which works as the fall-back generic driver, and is based on the Association's hardware specifications.

The VESA driver is also the default to our Automatic Configuration loader, donated by X-Oz.com and provides support for all unspecified PC-based video hardware.

If there is any problem with the VESA implementation then send our support list a note stating what particular hardware did not work with the VESA driver or alternatively give us some good news and tell us that our documentation is wrong so we can explicitly add it to the list.


The XFree86 3.3.6 page has all the documentation while the installation instructions can be found on the Release Notes page.


After reading the aforementioned documentation pages, the XFree86 3.3.6 source and binaries can be downloaded from our ftp site.

This differs from the 3.3.x codebase available from the xf-3_3-branch branch of our CVS repository as that has a number of post-3.3.6 fixes, primarily security patches.


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Last Modified: 01 March 2002