An XvMC test app:

  • mpeg2play_accel.tar.gz A port of mpeg2play which uses XvMC for video acceleration.

    Here is the latest XvMC API specification:

  • XvMC_API.txt

    Some Xv test apps:

  • xvtest.tar.gz Tests 4:2:2 XvImage formats

  • suzi.tar.gz Tests 4:2:0 XvImage formats

  • mpeg2play.tar.gz Xv port of mpeg2play which plays MPEG1 and 2 video program streams

  • xvcontrols.tar.gz A control panel to change some Xv Port attributes

    Some DGA 2.0 test apps:

  • texture.tar.gz Requires root permissions and draws directly to the framebuffer

  • skull.tar.gz Does not require root permissions and uses only Xlib to render. Also includes a nice windowed version of the app.

    Some X11 test apps to fill some xtest gaps:

  • linetest.c Tests if your software and hardware zerowidth lines match

  • polytest.c Tests if your polygons match the specification

    Discover the resouce usage of your apps with this test app for XFree86's new X-Resource extension (only in XFree86 versions AFTER 4.2.0).