[forum] [XFree86] Announcement: Modification to the base XFree86(TM) license.

mark kandianis linux-man@verizion.net
Sun, 01 Feb 2004 12:18:03 -0500

On Sun, 1 Feb 2004 17:48:57 +0100, Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr> 

> On Thu, Jan 29, 2004 at 11:58:38AM -0500, David Dawes wrote:
>> Announcement: Modification to the base XFree86(TM) license.
> Hello,
> As discussed with David, i am taking discussion concerning the
> problematics aspects of this licence change here. I think i understand
> somewhat the reasons behind the licence change, but i wonder if all the
> consequences of it have been thought of before doing the change.
> Also, there are some confusing wording in one of the clause, which i
> believe would best be clarified as to what the interpretations of them
> by the XFree86 project are.
> Also, first notice that my position is actually quite inconfortable,
> since i am here mentioning the concerns of wider community and criticize
> the new xfree86 licencing, in other forums, i usually do the opposite,
> and take xfree86 side on this, so please do not react badly, and let's
> have a rationale conversation about this, so that things can all be
> resolved to everyone's satisfaction.


i really believe you should be reading the message more closely than you
are and also reading the threads on /.  there is some really good answers,
already given to your fud man.  i think you should do your homework.

peace and brotherhood,