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On Thursday 20 March 2003 15:01, Alan Cox wrote:
> > FYI: the Keith Packard issue is now on Slashdot.org.
> The "Keith Packard" issue or the XFree86 issue ?

Correct. The post which is going on all news sites now is IMHO one of the most 
insulting posts that I ever read. Everyone who knows Keithp in person knows 
that we're discussing a thing here that is bugging literally everyone: 
developers from desktop projects like KDE and GNOME, distributors and UNIX 
derivates such as the BSD's and in the end, users and support companies who 
have to live with the stuff they get from XFree86.

Compared to the development speed of projects like the Linux kernel or KDE, 
XFree86 lags behind *ages* and is not the most responsive at all. Keith has 
been one outstanding example with big ties to the community and 
acknowledgement for the problems that everyone suffers when it comes to 
XFree86 and tried to help with innovative ideas that just *have* to be solved 
on that layer of the OS (whatever Unix you use).

My best read today was that people are thinking about releasing their own 
versions of graphics drivers because the CVS access to XFree86 is restricted 
to just about 15 people. This is just *unbeleivable*.....

My personal 2 euro cents but I guess I'm expressing something that bugs most 
KDE hackers....

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