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> Having sent several messages to the XFree86 group and beta testing rh 
> linux on my dell laptop, it appears that some petty politics 
> has taken place. It is my believe that the XFree86 management
> group is incompetent at managing a technology project.  I really
> hope redhat, hp dell and other technology companies start their
> own version of XFree86 so my laptop and many others will get the
> fixes necessary to use linux instead of Microsoft products.  Right
> now i would say that the XFree86 group is the biggest roadblock
> to linux being deployed to the desktop to displace microsoft software.

What a load of uninformed claptrap.

On Device Support
I don't think there's any chance of Red Hat, HP, Dell, or other technology
companies actually starting their own version of XFree86 and doing anything
successful. If these companies actually employed people to work on X and
submit that work back to XFree86, the way they do for the kernel, their
favorite desktop, databases, compilers, etc, we wouldn't be in this

Which is how it pretty much ALWAYS has been.

We've invited these players to put their money where there mouths are for
more than 10 years (back when Linux was in diapers and Dell was selling
their own version of SVR4.0, if you're old enough to remember that).

I will ALSO point out for the record that ever since we did the loadable
driver thing, there is NO NEED for XFree86 to put out a release to get new
device support (or so the theory goes). The card vendors can do it. Nvidia
does it, and ATI does it, right? Yes, there is more work to do on ABI-type
issues to make this work better, but the drivers are not built into the
server binaries any more.

Again, point the finger properly and people should put their money where
their mouths are.

On Desktops
The biggest roadblock to Linux being deployed on the desktop to displace
Microsoft software is the same thing it always has been - too MUCH choice.
Too many distributions, too many desktops, etc, etc. IT people don't want
it. Real, consumer end-users don't want it. I think it is hillarious to see
the OS-wars of old (e.g. a million Unix vendors -> OSF vs Unix
International; a bunch of desktop-like things -> Motif vs Open Look -> CDE
"unification") repeat itself yet again in the form of myriad distributions
and GNOME vs KDE.

I'm an OLD-time UNIX guy (started in 1981), and I moved to the Windows world
years ago because I saw this cycle repeating itself.

The only successful desktop UNIX implementation os OS.X, which, BTW, is
pretty closed without a lot of choice.

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