[forum] Notes from a teleconference held 2003-3-27

Josť Fonseca forum@XFree86.Org
Thu, 3 Apr 2003 23:54:21 +0100

On Thu, Apr 03, 2003 at 08:47:49PM +0100, Keith Whitwell wrote:
> From the DRI people's point of view, it leads to more work as we'd want our 
> drivers to work with both trees -- but that's pretty much life, and we'll 
> have to do what we can to minimize the effects on us.

With a fork imminent it's blessing DRI has a seperate repository. But
it's not the merges back and forth that strikes me as the hardest bit.
How to conciliate needed structural changes in the XFree86 (such as
dynamic framebuffer memory management) is more concerning.

Josť Fonseca