Recent Changes to the XFree86 4.3 branch

Below is a recent extract from the XFree86 change log for the 4.3 branch. The full change log can be found in the XFree86 source tree (xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/CHANGELOG).

XFree86 development code can be accessed directly from the CVS repository. Information about this can be found on our CVS page.

XFree86 (XX Xxxxxx 200X)

XFree86 (29 February 2004)
1013. Some more font path checks.
1012. Fix font alias overrun.
1011. Build fix for the i810 driver when XF86DRI isn't defined (#6006,
      Matthias Scheler).
1010. Include backwards compatibility API for renamed stream functions in
      Freetype2 library (Torrey T. Lyons).
1009. Fix DRM_CAS on ia64 as used by the DRI (Bugzilla #778, John Dennis).
1008. Fix some i830+ VT switch/exit crashes (David Dawes, Egbert Eich).
1007. Fixed definititon of UseInstalledOnCrossCompile so that it never is
      undefined (Harlod L. Hunt II).
1006. Fixing crash on ia64 because of wrong setjmp buffer alignment (Bugzilla
      #596, John Dennis).
1005. Close freetype fontfile filehandle in mkfontscale, this prevents problems
      from limitation of simultaniously open files (Bugzilla #676, 
      Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino).
1004. Fixed erronous freeing of DisplayModeRec in xf86DeleteMode() when
      deleting the modePool in xf86PruneDriverModes() the 'prev' member has
      a different meaning for modePool modes than for ScrnInfoPtr->modes modes
      where it creates a doubly linked list (Bugzilla #678, Juergen Keil).
1003. Backport xdm code from -current, including following changes:
      - use better pseudo-random generators to generate magic cookies,
        including EGD-like prng daemons support.
      - add support for LISTEN keyworkd in Xaccess
      - deal with small memory leaks
      - use SIOCGLIFCONF to query network interfaces where available
      - fix XDMCP bug that could cause localhost entries in /etc/X0.hosts 
        to be lost
      - add xdm /dev/random handling for Solaris
      - fix XDMCP queries on systems using getifaddrs().
      (Alan Coopersmith, Marc La France, Oswald Buddenhagen, Matthieu Herrb,
      Nicolas JOLY, Jason L. Wright, Joel Ray Holveck).
1002. Fixes for potential integer overflows in font libraries. (blexim, 
      Matthieu Herrb).
1001. Don't call FBIOPAN_DISPLAY ioctl with arguments that will cause a
      confusing if harmless error (Michel Dänzer)
1000. Fixed a crash when _XIMProtoOpenIM(), hich is called through XOpenIM()
      API when protocol IM is being set up,  fails (Bugzilla #618,
      Hisashi MIYASHITA).
 999. Fix an XAA pixmap cache server crash that can happen in some cases
      when the off-screen memory is heavily fragmented (David Dawes, based
      on #5752, Koike Kazuhiko, Chisato Yamauchi).
 998. Fixed XDarwin fullscreen crash in some screen sizes (Torrey T. Lyons).
 997. Fix calculation of CRTC2 frame offset with page flipping in radeon driver
      (Michel Daenzer)
 996. Pull twm fixes (signal handler, empty windows menu) from -current.
 995. Fix for a crash if a scalable font has a bitmap entry in 
      fonts.dir (#5687, Bugzilla #332, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 994. Fix for xfs crashes in Freetype backend (Bugzilla #242, 
      Juliusz Chroboczek). 
 993. Fix repeated image problem when using a vesa video mode before starting
      the Xserver on the S3 Trio3D cards (Alan Hourihane).
 992. Fix XDMCP queries in xdm on systems using getifaddrs().
      (Bugzilla #277, Joel Ray Holveck).
 991. Fixed Imakefiles so the driver SDK builds again (Sven Luther).
 990. i810/815 depth buffer needs to be a multiple of the tile size.  This
      fixes 3D corruption near the bottom of the screen at 800x600@16bpp
      (Bugzilla #283, Dave Airlie).
 989. Typo fix in radeon driver cursor code, fixes the primary head switching
      off when the cursor moves to the secondary head on dualhead cards
      (Michel Dänzer)
 988. Fix a problem with savage driver when UseBIOS is off, such that the
      performance drops dramatically. Now the performance matches or
      exceeds that of the option UseBIOS (Alan Hourihane).

XFree86 (9 May 2003)
 987. Fix a FreeBSD/alpha build problem (#5679, Fred Clift).
 986. Fix SiliconMotion driver for mode switching and SEGV problem when
      initializing Xv functionality (Bugzilla #50, Alan Hourihane).
 985. Fix a SEGV that can happen with Riva128 cards (Mark Vojkovich).
 984. Prevent a SIGFPE with the glint/pm3 driver when attempting to display
      an XVideo image less than 8 pixels wide (Måns Rullgård).
 983. Fix double free bug when a Mac-specific font fails to load with
      Freetype (Torrey T. Lyons).
 982. Check for NULL tObj in the i830 3D driver's TexEnv function.  This
      fixes a FlightGear crash (Keith Whitwell).
 981. Fix lockup on server reset in radeon driver
      (Michel Dänzer, Keith Whitwell).
 980. Set Mesa hooks to flush vertices on state changes in Radeon 3D drivers
      (Keith Whitwell).
 979. Fix to prevent PCI and CardBus resets when switching out of the server's
      virtual console (Marc La France).
 978. Fix infinite loop that occurs on systems whose PCI configuration space
      doesn't advertise a host bridge (Marc La France).
 977. Workaround for broken devices that don't implement the header type field
      in their PCI configuration space (Marc La France).
 976. Fix programming error in ix86 motherboard chipset determination
      (Marc La France).
 975. Fix bug in mode validation that occurs when the XF86Config doesn't
      specify any mode or virtual resolution information (Marc La France).
 974. Another int10 fix.  This time for adapters found at PCI:0:0:0.  This
      fix is particularly important for ZX1-based systems (Marc La France).
 973. int10 fix for all ix86 non-Linux systems (Marc La France).
 972. Fix compatibility problem between modules generated without the recent
      setjmp/longjmp work and a server generated using glibc <= 2.2.*
      (Marc La France).
 971. setjmp/longjmp related fixes for Linux/libc5 systems (Marc La France).
 970. Make setjmp/longjmp emulation save/restore blocked signal masks on all
      libc5 & glibc systems (Marc La France).
 969. Fix setjmp/longjmp emulation for glibc 2.2.[01] systems and remove
      HasGlibc21Sigsetjmp override (Marc La France).
 968. setjmp/longjmp-related compilation fixes for libc5 systems
      (Marc La France).
 967. Fix possible overflow in _XlcLocaleDirName. (Matthieu Herrb).
 966. Fix XDarwin build broken by #960 (Shantonu Sen).
 965. Fix StaticColor colormap on Darwin/x86 6.x (Rob Braun).

XFree86 4.3.0 (27 February 2003)
 964. Add an imake option to allow the glibc21-style setjmp() behaviour
      to be forced when auto-detecting it fails (this is needed for RH 7.0).
 963. Add missing raise/lower volume key descriptions for the "hpxe3gc"
      XKB map (#A.1651, Paul Pacheco).
 962. Fix some typos in the Syriac XKB map (#5654, Emil Soleyman-Zomalan).
 961. Add documentation about using XKB for the XFree86 server's special
      key sequences and the HandleSpecialKeys config option (#5653, Joe Moss).
 960. Move the XF86_DATE definition to a separate file so that bumping it
      doesn't trigger almost everything to be rebuilt (David Dawes).
 959. Xterm patch #174 (Thomas Dickey).
 958. Fix a bug that was preventing DGA2 acceleration from being advertised
      by the i810 driver (David Dawes).
 957. Fix an "xtt" font backend module crash that shows up on Linux/PPC,
      related to an invalid code converter module being loaded because of
      a broken string comparison in xttconv.c (#A.1647, Chisato Yamauchi,
      Daisuke MASATSUNA).
 956. Fix a NULL dereference that can happen in lcGenConv.c (#A.1646,
      Anthony Fok Tung-Ling).
 955. Bump the libXft minor revision for the UTF-16 APIs that were added
      after rev 2.0 (#A.1643, A.1644, Keith Packard, 5652, Mike Harris).
 954. Fix a typo in the "freetype" font backend that prevents "ttc" fonts
      from working (#5651, Mike Fabian).
 953. Fix atimisc bug in restoring colourmaps after a VT switch
      (Marc La France).
 952. A more complete set of dead accent/space compose sequences, add
        for letters with a "stroke", and add some
      combos for exponent characters, katakana voiced sounds, etc to
      the en_US.UTF-8 compose file (#5646, David Monniaux).
 951. Reinstate the VBEInit() call in the savage driver's PreInit().  This
      appears to fix a problem on some Savage MX platforms (#5649,
      Mike Harris).
 950. Restore the radeon driver's unconditional RADEONPreInt10Save() call
      on Alpha platforms because this is needed for Radeon cards where the
      BIOS ROM can't be read after it's been run once (by the firmware)
      without this (#5648, Jeff Wiedemeier).
 949. Update Newport driver doc (#5647, Guido Guenther).
 948. Fix reversed logic for VGA locking/unlocking (Nat Ersoz).
 947. Luit fixes:
       - Fix a bug with --encoding being too strict with the syntax.
       - Add a -x flag that causes luit to exit as soon as the child does.