Recent Changes to the XFree86 4.1 branch

Below is a recent extract from the XFree86 change log for the 4.1 branch. The full change log can be found in the XFree86 source tree (xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/CHANGELOG).

XFree86 development code can be accessed directly from the CVS repository. Information about this can be found on our CVS page.

XFree86 (XX Xxxxxxxx 200X)

XFree86 (29 February 2004)
 659. Some more font path checks.
 658. Fix font alias overrun.
 657. Fix twm core dump if no locales are present (#4902, Johnathan Kamens).

XFree86 (21 December 2001)
 656. Fix a bug in readPciBIOS() that was causing incorrect values to be
      written back to the PCI config space (#5109, Luugi Marsan).
 655. Autodetect when -fno-merge-constants is needed for building modules,
      and enable its use by default in those cases (Marc La France,
      David Dawes, Mike Harris).
 654. Make the vbe module build like the other modules.
 653. Fix a casting problem which causes bdftopcf to write corrupted
      fonts on buffer boundaries (#A.522, Jakub Bogusz).
 652. Add a missing sk_SK locale.alias entry (#A.553, Ladislav Kostal).
 651. Fix a VT switching crash in the cirrus driver when acceleration is
      disabled (#A.489, Kirill V. Semenkov, #A.518, B. D. Elliott).
 650. Fix an unresolved symbol warning in the i128 driver (#A.465, Paul).
 649. Fix the return value information in the Xv library man pages (#A.458,
      Tommi Vainikainen).
 648. Fix a bug in the Serbian XKB map (#A.424, Anton Zinoviev).
 647. SECURITY: fix glyph clipping for large origin (Keith Packard).
      Reported to be remotly exploitable through konqueror or netscape 
      by Georgi Guninski.
 646. Fix DPMS support in I128 driver (Robin Cutshaw).
 645. Support Trident ISA Cyber9320 chip (Alan Hourihane).
 644. Add a locale alias for "th_TH.TIS-620" (#4827,
      Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
 643. Accomodations for newer GCC's (#4803, Mike Harris).
 642. Fix some typos in the iso8859-2 Compose file (#4799, Kamil Toman).
 641. Don't reference the log file in the FatalError message if it hasn't
      been opened yet (#4793, Branden Robinson).
 640. Improve "true Big5" and "Emacs Big5" support (#4792, Yong Li, #4798,
      Tomohiro KUBOTA).
 639. Fix a non-standard character set bug in Xlib (#4792, Ivan Pascal).
 638. Fix for the savage driver on 64-bit platforms (#4788, Jay Estabrook).
 637. Xv fix for the r128 driver on big-endian architectures (#4781,
      Michel Dänzer).
 636. Fix an Xlib bug that affects conversion from CTEXT to multibyte /
      wide character (#4780, Tomohiro KUBOTA, , #4783, Bruno Haible).
 635. Release notes and Status doc fixes (#4778, 4779, Branden Robinson).
 634. 64-bit fix for lib/X11/ImUtil.c (#4773, Mike Harris).
 633. Fix dashed lines for the r128 driver on big-endian architectures
      (#4769, Michel Dänzer).
 632. Fix Xlib's parsing of CTEXT with multi-byte characters in GR (#4761,
      Juliusz Chroboczek).
 631. Fixes for the Romanian (ro) XKB map (#4746, Marius Andreiana).
 630. Fix int10 build for GCC 3.0 (Marc La France).
 629. An attempt at fixing the i740 driver to not reference options before they
      are collected (Marc La France).
 628. Fix 3Dfx Voodoo Banshee boards with timing issues (Alan Hourihane).
 627. Fix fatal bug in XAA's N-to-N CopyPlane acceleration (#4782, Elliot Lee).
 626. Fix Darwin bindist files so that dynamic shared libraries are put in
      Xbin.tgz instead of Xprog.tgz (Torrey T. Lyons).
 625. Add two missing symbols to loader reference for the glint driver
      (#4740, Mike Harris).
 624. Fix glide driver that causes -configure to fail for all drivers
      (Alan Hourihane).
 623. Fix broken TGA driver (Alan Hourihane).
 622. Fix FIFO reset trouble in tdfx driver by lowering the FIFO size due to
      suspect code in Glide3. (Alan Hourihane).
 621. Fix Xvideo in tdfx driver when using YUY2 or UYVY data (Alan Hourihane).
 620. Fix problem in Ib/Xaw/AsciiSrc.c:nitStringOrFile() when descriptor 0
      is closed, as a zero return value from open(2) is taken as an error
      (splite at

XFree86 4.1.0 (2 June 2001)
 619. Disable PCI resource conflict checking for Linux/Alpha (Jay Estabrook).

XFree86 (1 June 2001)
 618. Fix Linux xf86GetPciSizeFromOS() parsing when the kernel is 64 bit
      and any base or size is larger than 32 bits in magnitude (#4732,
      David S. Miller).
 617. Make XDarwin ddx pass up proper right and middle mouse button numbers
      and fix mouse button 5 (Christoph Pfisterer and Torrey T. Lyons).
 616. Restore backwards compatibility from 4.0.[2,3] to 4.1.0 for
      the i810, r128 and radeon DRI drivers (Gareth Hughes).
 615. Fix a problem when using patterns of horizontal lines with the mga
      video overlay (#A.442, Ewald Snel).
 614. updates and bug fixes (David Dawes).
 613. Remove duplicate XineramaLibrary section in X11.tmpl (#4731,
      Mike Harris).
 612. Enable building DRI for Linux/ppc, and fix a drm-related bug
      for Linux/ppc (#4728, 4730, Michel Dänzer).
 611. Document Options for the r128 and fbdev drivers (#4727, 4729,
      Michel Dänzer).
 610. Add a BuildBindist switch which causes a file containing the XFree86
      version number to be installed in ProjectRoot, include this in
      the Xbin bindist tarballs, and turn on this switch in the bindist
      host.def files.  The purpose is to allow the installer script to
      easily identify which version the bindist tarballs are (David Dawes).
 609. Resync bindist and with changes made for 4.0.3 (David Dawes).
 608. Fix the Shape extension's XShapeCombineMask to handle cases where
      src_mask is None according to the spec.  This reportedly fixes an
      X server crash (#4715, Huver).
 607. Make sure -UXF86DRI is after -DXF86DRI when compiling vfb/miinitext.c
      (#4714, Frederic Lepied).
 606. Fix ATI Radeon driver on Alpha. Seems as though the BIOS doesn't
      like Re-POSTing and memory setup gets confused. (Jay Estabrook, Jeff
 605. Fix build for Cygwin/XFree86 (#4711,#4713 Harold Hunt).
 604. Fix problem with on Darwin 1.3.x (#A.431, Stefan Pantos).
 603. Update and Darwin bindist directories to optionally
      install Quartz support and to add an x86 distribution (Torrey T. Lyons).

XFree86 (29 May 2001)
 602. Add missing return value for miSetPixmapDepths() (#4708,
      ISHIKAWA Mutsumi).
 601. Fill in the v4l man page template with some useful information (#4707,
      Gerd Knorr).
 600. Fix FFB OpenGL SwapBuffers (#4705, David S. Miller).
 599. Work around a problem building the rstart specs doc with a symlinked
      build tree (David Dawes).
 598. Remove SPARC-specific byte-swapping code that would not work on older
      SPARC CPUs (part of #4653, David S. Miller).
 597. NULLify mapVidMem() and remove DEV_MEM #define for Linux/SPARC
      (#4651, David S. Miller).
 596. Fix Glint 300SX+Delta support. Add faster 500TX text acceleration
      based on other code (Alan Hourihane).
 595. Fixing MTRR split code (hopefully) (Egbert Eich).
 594. Fixing coredump when doing vbeFree() twice: S3 Virge and C&T
      (Egbert Eich).
 593. Fixing HWCursor for mga driver in fbdev mode (Egbert Eich).
 592. Fix xmh's use of XtNewString() with getenv (#4694, Tim Waugh).
 591. Xdm/PAM fixes: leave it to PAM to observe whether or not an account
      is locked, and reinitialize credentials after calling initgroups(),
      because sometimes the credentials pam_setcred() gives are in the
      form of group membership (#4693, Mike Harris).
 590. Add an encodings file for standard box drawing characters for
      VT100-compatible terminals (#4691, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 589. Fix warnings when building mieq.c (#4689, Adam Sulmicki).
 588. Fix some bugs in the cz and sk entried in XKB's keymap/xfree86 file
      (#4692, Ivan Pascal).
 587. Add 'hr' entries to XKB's keymap/xfree86 and rules/xfree86.lst files
      (#4687, Nerijus Baliunas).
 586. Include  in shape.h to get Region typedef (#4686,
      Adam Sulmicki).
 585. Acceleration fixes for GLINT Permedia1 (Alan Hourihane).
 584. Ensure glint driver chips don't exceed the specified virtual sizes.
      (Alan Hourihane).
 583. Remove all VGA'isms from the glint driver, it doesn't need them
      (Alan Hourihane).
 582. Support the Delta in the glint driver, needed for boards that have
      the Delta connected to the rasterizer, as it acts as an arbiter for
      the bus. Resolves acceleration troubles. (Alan Hourihane).
 581. Add an lv entry to XKB's keymap/xfree86 file (#4685, Nerijus Baliunas).
 580. Fix some typos in XKB's xfree86.lst file (#4684, Nerijus Baliunas).
 579. Add DDXOSVERRORF ifdefs to the XFree86 ddx code that make use of the