Recent Changes to the XFree86 4.0.2 branch

Below is a recent extract from the XFree86 change log for the 4.0.2 branch. The full change log can be found in the XFree86 source tree (xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/CHANGELOG).

XFree86 development code can be accessed directly from the CVS repository. Information about this can be found on our CVS page.

XFree86 4.0.3c (XX Xxxxxxxx 200X)

XFree86 4.0.3b (29 February 2004)
1309. Some more font path checks.
1308. Fix font alias overrun.

XFree86 4.0.3a (24 December 2001)
1307. Fix a casting problem which causes bdftopcf to write corrupted
      fonts on buffer boundaries (#A.522, Jakub Bogusz).
1306. Fix a bug where XAA was assuming the source of all composite
      operations was a pixmap (Mark Vojkovich).
1305. Fix fatal bug in XAA's N-to-N CopyPlane acceleration (#4782, Elliot Lee).
1304. Fix xmh's use of XtNewString() with getenv (#4694, Tim Waugh).
1303. Xdm/PAM fixes: leave it to PAM to observe whether or not an account
      is locked, and reinitialize credentials after calling initgroups(),
      because sometimes the credentials pam_setcred() gives are in the
      form of group membership (#4693, Mike Harris).
1302. Fix bsdLib.rules and bsdLib.tmpl problems that show up when
      X11ProjectRoot is defined (#4676, Johnny C. Lam).
1301. R128 drm fix (#4668, Gareth Hughes).
1300. Fix Romanian XKB map (#4664, Mike Harris).
1299. Spell Portuguese correctly in XKB lst files (#4663, Mike Harris).
1298. [SECURITY] Check for negative reply length/overflow in _XAsyncReply
      (Xlib) (#4601, Mike Harris).
1297. Trident driver fixes for PC98 platforms (#4612, Akio Morita).
1296. Prevent an infinite loop (or unpredictable behaviour) in xmodmap (#4592,
      Peter Maydell).
1295. Update for the sessreg man page (#4587, Branden Robinson).
1294. Remove duplicate paragraph in xdm man page (#4582, Branden Robinson).
1293. Palette loading fix for the tdfx driver (#4578, Zephaniah E. Hull).
1292. Shutdown fifo in tdfx driver when VT switching (based on #4574,
      Zephaniah E. Hull).
1291. Fix default mailbox selection in xbiff for Linux, add recognition of
      $MAIL, and update the man page accordingly (based on #4571,
      Branden Robinson).
1290. Document the usage of the -server option in the fsinfo man page (#4562,
      Mike Harris).
1289. Fix xfs man page problem (#4561, Mike Harris).
1288. Fix a crash that happens when a font encoding has no aliases and it is
      invoked using a non-canonical name (#4560, Takeshi Miyasaka).
1287. Fix a hw cursor related lockup that shows up with some mga G400
      16MB OEM single head cards (#A.351, Ewald Snel).
1286. Fix a typo in xvidtune (#A.327, Peter Breitenlohner).
1285. Fix Linux/libc5 build problem in the bigfont extension code (#A.327,
      Peter Breitenlohner).
1284. Fix typo in (#A.327, Peter Breitenlohner).
1283. Fix missing xfree -> Xfree mapping in the Type1 font library code (#4521,
      Juliusz Chroboczek).
1282. Make sure that an initialization assumption in parse_fontdata() in
      lib/X11/omGeneric.c is met (#4520, Jonathan Kamens).
1281. Update Status and i810 docs to mention i815 support and FreeBSD support
      (#4509, Andrew C Aitchison, David Dawes).
1280. Allow OptimizedCDebugFlags overrides on Linux (Marc La France).
1279. Change Freetype2 compilation to pacify makedepend (Marc La France).

XFree86 4.0.3 (16 March 2001)
1278. Fixes for Thai XIM support (#4479, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
1277. Fix XTRAP typo in miinitext.c (Damien Touraine).

XFree86 4.0.2c (15 March 2001)
1276. Don't build support for loading the Matrox HAL module on platforms
      other than ix86.  This avoids some problems that show up on Alpha
      platforms (Jay Estabrook).
1275. Alias memset and memcpy to xf86memset and xf86memcpy in the loader,
      which should catch implicit compiler-generated calls to these functions
      (David Dawes).
1274. Back out cirrus changes (item 1257) because they are incomplete.
1273. Fix the `make depend` scripts to honour -U flags and not require a blank
      for -f flag (Marc La France).
1272. Update nv driver docs to indicate GeForce3 support (Mark Vojkovich).
1271. A new (perl) version of the mkhtmlindex script that works better than
      the shell version (David Dawes).
1270. Major updates to the XFree86(1) man page (David Dawes).

XFree86 4.0.2b (13 March 2001)
1269. Only enable Xv support for the 630 in the sis driver (#A.263, Nick Lamb).
1268. Modify the sis driver to prefer 24bpp framebuffer layout.  Perhaps not
      all support 32bpp? (#A.263, Nick Lamb).
1267. Add freetype2 build to stable branch (Keith Packard)
1266. Fix to xf8_16bpp to handle ChangeWindowAttributes() correctly
      (Egbert Eich).
1265. Fixed Linux Alpha model mapping (Jay Estabrook).
1264. Added support for non-APECS Alphas requiring sparse mapping to
      FreeBSD port (Egbert Eich).
1263. Moved options processing in VGA driver to handle vgaClocks option
      correctly (Egbert Eich).
1262. Fixed DAC handling in tseng driver, removed last static variables
      (Egbert Eich).
1261. Fixed resource registration in tdfx driver (Egbert Eich).
1260. Savage driver: Added MMIO unmap to PreInit() MMIO map to ScreenInit
      (Egbert Eich).
1259. Fixed neomagic driver to keep server from core dumping on 2380
      chipsets (Egbert Eich).
1258. Modified handling of planemask register on G100 (Egbert Eich).
1257. Major update to cirrus driver: Adds DGA, fixes acceleration etc.
      (Egbert Eich).
1256. Fix to C&T video driver to dislay colors correctly (Egbert Eich).
1255. Fix in C&T driver that prevents left half of the screen to be blank
      (Egbert Eich).
1254. Fix to prevent server crashes on colormap changes after DGA mode
      exits (Egbert Eich).
1253. Updates for Render+Xinerama support (Keith Packard)
1252. Updates for Hurd support (#A.324, Marcus Brinkmann).
1251. Fix core dump in XqueueMousePreInit (#A.317, Fiel Cabral).
1250. Fix a problem with the ThinkingMousePS/2 protocol handling of left
      movement (#A.292, Ian Remmler).  (This has been in 3.3.x since 3.3.4.)
1249. Don't try to mmap extra 64K blit window on older trident chips
      (Alan Hourihane).
1248. Fix Xnest build problem with newest gcc compilers (Marc La France).
1247. Updates for console-related FreeBSD system header changes as of 4.1-REL
      (FreeBSD ports patch-r, patch-s).
1246. Don't leave free'd vrotate uninitialised in lib/X11/omGeneric.c
      (FreeBSD ports patch-q).
1245. Protect #define HasPam in (FreeBSD ports patch-d).
1244. fix a problem with multi-thread support on OpenBSD (released OpenBSD 
      versions don't have getpwuid_r) (Matthieu Herrb)
1243. allow to compile on OpenBSD-current which has completly removed PCVT
      from its installation. (Matthieu Herrb)
1242. Fix border garbage for the G400 second head by backing out #4205
      (David Dawes).
1241. Fix an Index/DAC register access conflict in glint pm2v, pm3 driver
      (#A.319, Romain Dolbeau).

XFree86 4.0.2a (28 February 2001)
1240. Make the stub files that pswrap generates contain the same set of
      includes as the Adobe version, which fixes problems building
      standalone DPS clients (#4487, Juliusz Chroboczek).
1239. Remove an incorrect ifdef in xterm's patch #141 which suppressed
      overstriking to simulate bold font when xterm was compiled to support
      wide characters (report/analysis by Adam M Costello
      , fixes Debian bugs #76404, #77575) (#4494,
      Thomas Dickey).
1238. Don't attempt to drive an mga G450 if the hal module isn't available
      (#4465, David Woodhouse).
1237. Fix a typo in (#4446, Juliusz Chroboczek).
1236. Fix TrueType font problems in 4.0.2 (#4439, Juliusz Chroboczek).
1235. Document the "DisplaySize" keyword in the XF86Config man page (#4438,
      Andrew C. Aitchison).
1234. Fix a bug in the fonts.sgml doc (#4432, Juliusz Chroboczek).
1233. Fix a twm segfault if it gets events for buttons > 5 (#4407, 4425,
      Nathan Hand).
1232. Updates for Hurd support (#A.209, Marcus Brinkmann).
1231. Include  in Xos.h to get struct tm (based on #4464, Mike Harris,
      and H.J. Lu).
1230. Add missing Rage 128 PD chip support (Ishikawa Mutsumi).
1229. Work around compiler-generated call to memcpy in the sis driver
      (David Dawes).
1228. Fix the neomagic driver so that it saves/restores the palette (#4452,
      Ken Hornstein).
1227. Fix a palette saving bug in the vgahw module (#4452, Ken Hornstein).