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Xkdrive - tiny X server


Xvesa [:display] [option...]

Xfbdev [:display] [option...]

Xigs [:display] [option...]

Xtrident [:display] [option...]

Xsis530 [:display] [option...]

Xtrio [:display] [option...]

Xitsy [:display] [option...]


Xkdrive is a family of X servers designed to be particularly small. This manual page describes the common functionality of the Xkdrive servers; for information on a specific X server, please refer to the relevant manual page.


In addition to the standard options accepted by all X servers (see Xserver(1) ), all the Xkdrive servers accept the following options:
-screen widthxheight[xdepth]
use a screen of the specified size.
disable switching screens by moving the pointer accross a screen boundary.
disable emulation of a middle mouse button by chording.
enable emulation of a middle mouse button by chording.
disable hardware acceleration.
disable the hardware cursor.
-card card
not documented.
not documented.
not documented.

See Also

X(7) , Xserver(1) , xdm(1) , xinit(1) , Xvesa(1) , Xfbdev(1) .


The Xkdrive common core was written by Keith Packard, based on XFree86 which, in turn, is based on the Sample Implementation of X.

Table of Contents