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XtSetSelectionParameters - specify target parameters for a selection request with a single target


void XtSetSelectionParameters(requestor, selection, type, length, format)
Widget requestor;

Atom selection;

Atom type;

XtPointer value;

unsigned long length;

int format;


Specifies the widget making the request. Must be of clase Core or any subclass thereof.
Specifies the atom that names the selection.
Specifies the type of the property in which the parameters will be passed.
Specifies a pointer to the parameters.
Specifies the number of elements containing data in value, each element of a sized indicated by format.
Specifies the size in bits of the data in the elements of value.


The specified parameters will be copied and stored in a new property of the specified type and format on the requestor's window. To initiate a selection request with a target and these parameters, a subsequent call to XtGetSelectionValue or to XtGetSelectionValueIncremental specifying the same requestor widget and selection atomm will generate a ConvertSelection request referring referring to the property containing the parameters. If XtSetSelectionParameters is called more than once with the same widget and selection without a call to specify a request, the most recently specified parameters are used in the subsequent request.

The possible values of format may be 8, 16, or 32. If the format is 8, the elements of value are assumed to be sizeof(char); if 16, sizeof(short); if 32, sizeof(long) .

To generate a MULTIPLE target request with parameters for any of the multiple targets of the selection request, precede individual calls to XtGetSelectionValue and XtGetSelectionValueIncremental with corresponding individual calls to XtSetSelectionParameters, and enclose these all within XtCreateSelectionRequest and XtSendSelectionRequest. XtGetSelectionValues and XtGetSelectionValuesIncremental cannot be used to make selection requests with parameterized targets.

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