Fonts in XFree86

Juliusz Chroboczek,

5 March 2000

XFree86 contains a number of improvements related to fonts, including

This document describes these improvements. It does not attempt to describe the standard support for fonts in X11; the reader is referred to the X(1), Xserver(1), and mkfontdir(1) manpages.

1. Background and terminology

1.1. Characters and glyphs
1.2. Font files, fonts, and XLFD
1.3. Unicode

2. New fonts

2.1. Bitmap fonts
2.2. Scalable fonts

3. Internationalisation of scalable font backends.

3.1. The `fontenc' layer
3.2. Backend-specific notes about fontenc
3.3. Format of encodings directory files
3.4. Format of encoding files
3.5. Using symbol fonts
3.6. Using badly encoded font files

4. New font backends

4.1. New TrueType backends
4.2. Support for CID-keyed fonts

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