Information for Tseng Chipset Users

The XFree86 Project, Inc. Dirk H. Hohndel, Koen Gadeyne and others.

03 Nov 1998

1. Supported chipsets

2. Terminology

3. ET4000 driver features

4. ET6000 driver features

5. Clock selection problems with some ET4000 boards

6. Text mode restore problems

7. Basic configuration

8. general options in the XF86Config file

9. linear memory base address (MemBase) issues

9.1. What you should know BEFORE trying another MemBase
9.2. Choosing a MemBase
9.3. An alternative approach
9.4. When all else fails...
9.5. Restrictions
9.6. Some boards simply cannot work in linear mode
9.7. How can I see if the linear address is wrong?

10. Mode issues

11. Acceleration issues

12. ET6000 memory size facts and fiction

13. ET6000 memory bandwidth hype and the impact on video modes

14. Linear addressing and 16bpp/24bpp/32bpp modes

15. Trouble shooting with the SVGA Tseng driver

16. Acknowledgments