Information for SVR4 Users

The XFree86 Project, Inc

27 Feb 1998

NOTE: If you intend to use any of the accelerated servers, read section 10 and follow the instructions. Otherwise the X server will crash when exiting, restarting, or switching VTs.

1. SVR4 versions on which XFree86 has been tested

2. How to cope with VT-switching hotkeys

3. Running SVR3 binaries on SVR4.0.4 and SVR4.2

4. Notes for building XFree86 on SVR4

5. Notes for running XFree86 on SVR4

6. Building non-core clients with SVR4

7. Using DOS/Merge 2.2 with XFree86

8. Keyboard mapping problems with some Esix systems

9. 106 Japanese keyboard problem on PANIX

10. A kernel patch that is required for accelerated servers

11. Other problems