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5. Credits

XFree86 was originally put together by:

XFree86 support was integrated into the base X11R6 distribution by:

386BSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD support by:

NetBSD, OpenBSD support by:

Original 386BSD port by:

Mach 386 support by:

Linux support by:

DG/ux support by:

SCO Unix support by:

Amoeba support by:

Minix-386 support by:

OSF/1 support by:

BSD/OS support by:

Solaris support by:

ISC SVR3 support by:

LynxOS support by:

OS/2 support by:

Linux shared libraries by:

PC98 support by:

Original accelerated code by:

XFree86 Acceleration Architecture (XAA) by:

S3 accelerated code by:

S3V accelerated code by:

Mach32 accelerated code by:

Mach64 accelerated code by:

Mach8, 8514 accelerated code by:

Cirrus accelerated code by:

Western Digital accelerated code by:

P9000 accelerated code by:

AGX accelerated code by:

Number Nine I128 driver by:

ET4000/W32 accelerated code by:

ET6000 SVGA and accelerated support (both based on the existing W32 code) by:

Oak Technologies Inc. accelerated code by:

16 color VGA server by:

2 color VGA and non-VGA mono servers by:

ATI SVGA driver by:

WD90C24 support by:

Trident SVGA driver by:

SiS SVGA driver by:

DEC 21030 (TGA) server by:

NCR SVGA driver by:

Cirrus SVGA driver by:

Cirrus CL64xx driver by:

Compaq SVGA driver by:

Oak SVGA driver by:

ARK Logic SVGA driver by:

AL2101 SVGA driver by:

Avance Logic ``ali'' SVGA driver by:

Chips & Technologies SVGA driver by:

MX SVGA driver by:

Video7 SVGA driver by:

RealTek SVGA driver by:

Apollo Mono driver by:

Matrox SVGA driver by:

ViRGE SVGA driver by:

Linux/m68k Frame Buffer Device driver by:

Tseng ET4000 and ET6000 SVGA driver by:

P9100 accelerated code by:

Rendition code by:

Cyrix accelerated code by:

Epson code by:

3DLabs accelerated code by:

3dfx accelerated code by:

Intel i740 accelerated code by:

XFree86-VidModeExtension and xvidtune client by:

XFree86-Misc extension by:

XFree86-DGA extension by:

XInput integration, devices and clients by:

Other contributors:

README for XFree86[tm] 3.3.6 : Credits
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