README for XFree86 on LynxOS

Thomas Mueller

Last modified on: 15 November 1999

1. What and Where is XFree86?

2. Installing the Binaries

3. Running XFree86

3.1. System requirements
3.2. System tuning
3.3. Mouse support in XFree86
3.4. Bus mouse drivers
3.5. ATC console driver and VT switching
3.6. X Server debug diagnostics output and other VT peculiarities

4. Installing XFree86 manual pages

5. Using XFree86 with Motif

5.1. Copy Motif files
5.2. Motif library patch for LynxOS x86 2.3.0
5.3. X11R6 config file patch
5.4. Motif config file patch

6. Compiling the XFree86 Distribution

6.1. Disk space requirements
6.2. Changes to system environment (LynxOS x86)
6.3. make World

7. Building on microSPARC and PowerPC

7.1. Console driver patch for microSPARC
7.2. Known Bug of the microSPARC server