Configuring XFree86: A Step-By-Step Guide

David Wexelblat and The XFree86 Project, Inc

5 October 1994

This document describes how to set up your XFree86 server and the corresponding XF86Config configuration file. If you follow the procedures in this document, you should have no problems getting your server up and running quickly. This document is designed to be generic. Be certain to refer to the operating system specific README file for your OS (e.g. README.SVR4) and the card/chipset specific README file for you video card (e.g. README.trident). Where these specific files contradict this generic file, you should follow the specific instructions (there shouldn't be much of that, though).

1. Procedure Overview

2. Setting Up The Correct Default Server

3. The Easy Parts of XF86Config

4. Configuring the Video Hardware

5. Configuring the Monitor and its Modes

6. Combining the Video Hardware and Monitor Data

7. Generic Video Modes